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About Us

We are a family-owned company, with a desire to share what had quite literally fallen into our laps. We want to provide a rare quality product, to landscapers, landscape designers, nurseries and homeowners, helping them bring their vision to life. From a space that gives you a respite of tranquility to a dream come true in their back yard or a breathtaking decorative entryway, we can provide you with tools to bring it to life! 

Our goal is to deliver our products in a timely manner to their location or their clients onsite location while providing professional services on indoor and outdoor stonework masonry, gravel work, column rock, and boulders. With competitive pricing and a knowledgeable partner network, we are dedicated to facilitating your businesses’ success. 

Our Mission

At NorRock our mission is to empower our clientele, building relationships, sharing information and promoting our partners, supplying them with products of unique color and design, large or small, that will broaden their product base and help them grow their business.

History of NorRock LLC

Gary and Jeanne Norland had a desire to start their business after seeing the uniqueness of rocks and the possibilities they could do with them. Due to the COVID pandemic, their speaking business, Gary Norland Safety Presentations, had shut down. Now, they may be 65, but they are not ready to rest in retirement, so Gary approached his cousin Ron Norland about becoming the marketing agent for over 20 acres of rocks, 10 feet deep.

Ron was involved in the cleanup of this rockslide on February 16th, 2016, ten miles from Elk City, Idaho. As a result of his involvement, Ron gained ownership of 226,000 cubic yards of rock and boulders. After seeing the potential that these rocks had, unique to the northwest, they wanted to share it with others and help them grow their business. When they first saw the rocks sparkle in the sunlight, they knew others would find it unique, as well as beautiful, something they would like to have as part of their landscaping.

Gary Norland

NorRock Owner

“What are you looking for? Let us fulfill your vision! Let us give you what you’re after, what you’re looking for. We have the product that you need to beautify every customer that you have.” 

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We believe in coordinating between the entire hardscaping vertical.

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